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Using Runnaroo

I've been using Runnaroo for the past few days ever since it was announced as a Show HN.

The first time I visited it, they were actually still doing upgrades, because of the HackerNews hug of death. So that wasn't the best first impression, but because I was curious, and because of recent drama involving DuckDuckGo sending user IP's to a custom favicon service, I've been feeling a little bit disillusioned with DuckDuckGo.

Add to the fact that DDG's search results are known to be inferior to Google's, which is the de-facto search engine of the internet, it seemed like I was giving up my privacy and getting poorer search results, which made me consider switching back to Google.

But Runnaroo is actually very good.

In the past few days, I've run many different searches, over diverse topics, through Runnaroo, and the first three results were always of extremely high relevance and quality. Oh, and also, no ads (at least, not yet).

Here's a view of my recent search history with Runnaroo:

  • "duckduckgo hacker news"
  • "mercedes amg f1 merchandise"
  • "mclaren f1 merchandise"
  • "scipy quaternion"
  • "golang zip iteration"
  • "euler angle"
  • "golang anonymous struct"

Nothing trivial by any means. Especially the "golang zip iteration" result, I was very impressed.

Runnaroo is now my default search engine in my browser.

Best of luck to the project and I will continue watching it.

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